We currently have several sows that we are trying to keep on a breeding schedule that should give us baby pigs about every six to eight weeks. Our boar is not related to the females and we have two female bloodlines. We don't use any growth stimulants, hormones, or antibiotics to encourage growth. Our pigs just get good food, plenty of space to roam, sunshine and a mud hole.

Miss Piggie is our oldest sow and we believe she is a Yorkshire. She is super-long and weighs in around 500 pounds. We keep a pig out of her each year for our own use and we also kept one of her daughters for breeding.



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Miss Red is a Duroc/Hampshire cross weighing around 450 pounds and she always throws a variety of color in her litters. She has a smaller frame so when we get a request for show pigs, we try to gear her brood toward that market. We kept one of her daughters for breeding as well and she is looking real good.

Our boar is a Duroc as well and has a wonderful personality. He is huge, close to 500 pounds and unrelated to all of our females.


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